Souls of Italy

In Italian, the word SOULS ("anime") is the anagram of the word LUXURY ("lusso") and it expresses the alliance of the companies who participate in this project not only as economic entities but also as bearers of unique specialties by the emotional point of view.


Today, luxury embraces different meanings:

  • The luxury of enjoying their own spaces
  • The luxury of pampering yourself
  • The luxury of choosing
  • The pleasure of rediscovering the link with tradition
  • The pleasure of rediscovering the gestures of the past

Luxury is something you get through the processing of precious items, such as the art works, which give to every intervention a unique and inimitable feature.

In every project, either for a new construction or for a historical building, large space is dedicated to the choice of finishing and to the restoration and the recovery of the existent ones.

Friulana Costruzioni operates in full compliance with the original characteristics of the building and customizes the new edifice with refined and quality finishes.

Prestigious projects and realizations are created and shaped on the customer’s desires and expectations, with solutions of great refinement and valuable originality, cutting-edge technologies, wise craft traditions and high quality finishing.

In order to have a durable intervention that will be a source of satisfaction for the customer, a certain amount of experience and proficiency are always required. Particular attention is given to decorative effects, such as: drywall, cladding system, insulating materials, indoor and outdoor decorations, painting and countertops.

Thanks to continuous investments in technologies and training, we are able to satisfy every kind of request made by the client and if necessary, our technicians could assist the designers in any search of peculiar types of finishes, which could give a further sign of exclusivity to the restored building.

This has brought to the development of a high quality building observant to technological comfort and design, to refined suggestions of decorations and finishing, to refinement of materials and techniques and to new luxury trends.

Practicality abroad:
Friulana Costruzioni is a construction company accredited SOA also for restoration’s works and has joint different artisan firms of Friuli Venezia Giulia to constitute a working group, which is highly specialized in:

  • Restoration of the artistic heritage
  • Wood and stone craft
  • Artistic mosaic

with the coordination of professionals such as architects and designers.

This project of trade cooperation was created with the intent to propose itself as a complete supplier, who is organized regarding valuable renovation and restoration, not only in Italy, but also abroad, in particular in France, Germany, Czech Republic and Russian.

To valorize the business proposal, Friulana Costruzioni juxtaposes its name with the one of its own partners, who stand out for their reliability, expertness and level of the obtained result. Besides that, they are available to offer their services in the construction site located in the areas involved in the project.







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