Solid foundations united by the word respect

Civil, residential, industrial and commercial: Friulana Costruzioni works on the whole construction industry, offering design services, production, renovation, restoration and maintenance.

The four pillars of its identity are joined by the word respect: respect for the client with an excellent value for money, compliance with all the applicable regulations, with a special attention to those about safety, compliance with the agreed timing and compliance with the economical commitment made.

In relation to the latter two points, Friulana Costruzioni can promise what is stating because it has an office specifically dedicated to such quotations, whose task is to offer services of financial analyses, even for major “turnkey” jobs and to all those who wish to entrust them a project in its entirety or just a preliminary evaluation.

The other two keywords are selection and professionalism. Selection of materials, machineries and technologies. Professionalism of the workers, consultants and partners.

With this spirit, Friulana Costruzioni excells in the landscape of construction for the execution of qualified works and is able to offer alternative solutions, while compressing the final costs.

What we offer:

  • Passion for our projects
  • Process of constant innovation
  • Historical research to find materials, technologies and methods for an “ethic” restoration
  • Planning and optimization of assets in order to meet the timing and the quality of the job
  • Regular training courses in order to improve the sensitivity, the collaborative spirit and the attention of all the staff towards the aspects of quality, health and safety
  • Research and continuous updating of technologies and new materials
  • Respect for the laws and the environment

Staff and specializations:

The team is made up of professionals, artisans and workers, who are highly skilled in their respective fields and are able to perform excellent works and to fulfill the desires of the customer with solutions of great refinement and high quality finishes.

We are able to perform all the processes that occur in a project: whether it is a new construction or a building that needs a renovation, our company has all the features to complete buildings of merit:

  • Static consolidations of the structural elements (foundations, horizontal and vertical bearing structures, stairs and ramps, roofs)
  • Reclamation of damp buildings and dehumidification of the masonry
  • Restoration of frescoes, stuccoes, stone sculptures and metal monuments
  • External prestigious finishes (plasters, coatings, paintings, fixtures, architectural and decorative elements, floorings, roof coating)
  • Internal prestigious finishes (paintings, plasters and false ceilings, coatings, fixtures, architectural and decorative elements)
  • Partitions and internal openings
  • Sanitation plants and equipment
  • Technological systems and related structures and technical volumes

Friulana Costruzioni was founded in 1999 in Sedegliano, in the province of Udine and over the years it has expanded its range from Triveneto to the neighboring Austria and to the emerging countries, such as Czech Republik, where it works with the local realities in the analysis of affordable real estate opportunities.

In addition to the commissions taken and executed in a timely manner until today, the reliability of Friulana Costruzioni is certified by the fulfillment of the qualification systems ISO 9001:2008 of the international network IQNET-SQS and by the SOA attestations. A logic pursued since its foundation.

Such certificates are issued in conjunction with the verification of maintenance and renewal, providing an international quality passport that ensures the global recognition of the company and its access to the worldwide market.